Collapsible Drink Bottle

Bet you've never seen a kids drink bottle like this before!

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Silicone Water Bottle

Bet you've never seen a kids drink bottle like this before!

At TicTasTogs we're all about fun and colour and these new silicone kids water bottles are just what you need for a thirsty-free day. Just pull gently to expand the bottle to 550ml. And when you're ready to head home after a day of adventure just collapse it down for an easy pack.

    • Made from BPA free food grade silicone for an eco-friendly safe choice
    • Air tight stainless steel screw top lid means no annoying leaks
    • Lightweight and collapsible to half its height to pack away at the end of the day
    • Handy clip to attach to a pram, backpack or school bag so won't get lost
    • Stylish and subtle engraved logo on lid
    • Dishwasher safe. Please DO NOT fill with boiling water.
    • A great water bottle for the grown-ups too!