Creative, original, practical and sunsafe swim and beachwear. Baby swimwear styles to suit our youngest water loving kids and functional children's swimwear for playful active bodies. A range offering superior quality and maximum sun protection for parents' peace of mind.

I’m an Aussie mum, with a young son who loves splashing around. In 2018 my family made a big lifestyle move from NSW to Tasmania. Lots of big outdoors, lots of clean beaches – it’s everything we hoped, and we love it. But there were a couple of surprises. 

The first was getting caught out by the sun. Even with Tasmania’s cooler summer days, UV levels can be extreme. Tender skin will burn in 10 minutes without sun protection. The second was noticing that being out of the mainstream meant only the biggest kids’ swimwear brands made their way down here. 

Wouldn’t it be nice, I thought, to have some real choice. Kids’ swimwear styles designed for maximum sun protection available all year round. Age-appropriate styles with zips to make quick changes possible, wet or dry. Vivid, fade-resistant, original designs to put the fun into functional, with NO bare backs or shoulders.

Hey presto. TicTasTogs.

‘TicTasTogs’ comes from tic tac toe – because all kids love to play. The ‘Tas’ is for Tassie (pride in this creative state!). And ‘Togs’ is what a whole swag of Aussies call their cossies. Or bathers. Or swimmers. Or swimsuits. 

I have so much fun working as a small business and really want to thank you for being part of it's success. When I see children with sunburn and know it can be prevented it inspires me more to create and offer to parents like yourself a kids sunsafe swimwear range that you want to buy.

Now that you know a little bit about me I'd also love to hear from you! Is there a style or print you like not in our range? Do you want additional sizes in any of the styles? I love communicating directly with our TicTasTogs fan club.

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Let's stay in touch. 

Justine x