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Protect the environment AND your wallet with reuseable swim nappies.

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 Our NEW 2 Pack featuring colourful mini florals makes a pretty gift or a practical choice for mums when one is never enough on hot sunny days. 

Pack includes 1 x Ditsy Daisy floral print swim nappy, 1 x blush pink swim nappy and 1 x Ditsy Daisy wetbag with 2 pockets for keeping wet and dry separate! Perfect!

The one-size style is adjustable for ages 3 months to 3 years making it a sensible choice and one of the best baby swim nappies around.

Simply adjust the snaps for a snug waist and leg fit and your water baby is ready for action.

How to put your one-size swim nappy on:

  1. Adjust the top snaps so the swim nappy fits near baby’s belly button.
  2. Select the waist and hip snaps as needed for a snug fit.
  3. After hours of fun simply dispose of solid poos into the toilet and place it into your matching waterproof wet bag

      How to care for your swim nappy

    1. Rinse in cold water as soon as you can with no detergent. 
    2. Machine wash in cold water (no more than 40 degrees)
    3. A natural detergent is recommended or one that is free from fabric softeners, brighteners and oxy action enzymes. 
    4. Line dry. We love that the sun is a natural bleacher and antibacterial.
    • Designed to fit most babies from newborn to toddler (3.5 to 15kg) with double row adjustable snaps
    • Has a number of snaps to easily adjust the size across the waistband as well as the length of the swim nappy.
    • Fast drying 
    • Made from high quality viscose (wood pulp) with an internal mesh layer to hold in any solids.
    • Save money AND the environment by avoiding disposables and using water nappies designed for endless uses.