Sunny Day Scribbles | Sun Safety Blogs

  • 13 Interesting Facts About Sunscreen You Should Know

    When it comes to sunscreen, you probably think you know everything you need to about it. Just pick the one with the highest number and you’re good to go – right?

    Wrong! We’ve put together 13 interesting facts about sunscreen you should know before you start stocking up for the summer sunshine.

  • How To Take Care Of Your Swimwear

    Get our top tips on how to take care of your swimwear and make it stand the test of time. With these simple tips, your swimwear could last years!
  • Why kids eyes need UV protection too

    When it comes to letting the kids play outdoors, most parents know how important it is to wear sunscreen, but the effect that Ultraviolet Radiation can have on their eyes is often overlooked.
  • UV: Why all the fuss?

    Aussies are renowned for spending days at the beach, in the sea and playing on the sand. And don't we love this!

    UV has the potential to harm if we are not aware of what it is, and how to protect ourselves and our young beach adventurers from it...

  • 10 Myths about Sun Protection

    Think you know everything when it comes to staying safe in the sun?

    Read on for 10 myths the Cancer Council REALLY need us to know