How To Take Care Of Your Swimwear

How To Take Care Of Your Swimwear

Buying new swimwear is always fun and it’s great to have a brand new swimsuit in your wardrobe, but did you know with a few simple care tips, it’s possible to give your swimsuit a long shelf life too?

 Here are our top tips on how to take care of your swimwear and make it stand the test of time.

 Tip 1 - Rinse After Use

Whether you have been to the beach, pool, or in a hot tub, your swimsuit has probably been exposed to sand, sun, salt, pool chemicals, high temperatures, perspiration or sun lotion, (or a combination of the lot). All of these will cause damage to the fabric.

All these elements need to be removed as soon as possible after exposure, to prolong your swimwear’s longevity and also save you money.

Most manufacturers recommend soaking your swimsuit in fresh cold water for about 30 minutes, and then rinse it thoroughly. Wearing into the shower is probably the easiest way to rinse your swimsuit through as this will rid most of the salt, chlorine and other pool chemicals. Do not soak overnight as it may affect the fibres and cause it to lose its shape.

 Tip 2 - Hand Wash in Cold Water

Hand wash your swimwear gently in cold water, using a small amount of a mild liquid detergent, and rinse off with cool tap water. Never throw it into the washing machine, no matter what the label says. Even the gentlest cycles could damage the fabric, speeding up the fading and stretching process.

Lightly press the swimsuit on a towel to remove the excess water. Never ever wring out or twist your swimsuit as that will eventually weaken the spandex fibres, which give it its elasticity.  No one likes a baggy swimsuit!

 Tip 3 - Use Gentle Detergents

Avoid harsh laundry detergents at all costs, and preferably do not use powders as they often don’t dissolve completely. A few drops of a gentle neutral soap or baby soap is all that is required.

Avoid using fabric softeners too.

 Tip 4 - Avoid Bleach

Keep away from any form of bleach. Bleach quickly weakens the fibres of your swimsuit and can cause it to become stretched out.

 Tip 5 - Dry Flat In The Shade

Never hang your swimsuit in the sun to dry. The colours will fade in no time. Rather dry it flat in the shade and store only when completely dry.

 Tip 6 - Alternate Swimsuits

Alternating swimsuits will certainly help to extend their lifespan, and it’s best not to wear your favourite swimsuit in a hot tub. It’s important to note that hot tubs are often loaded with chlorine and other harmful chemicals, and therefore are not suited for cotton or natural fibre swimsuits.

Avoid long sessions in hot tubs or spas. High levels of heat and chlorine, affect the elasticity of the swimsuit, triggering off colour change, and causing white fabrics to turn yellow. If you are using hot tubs regularly, rather choose a polyester swimsuit, which is more chlorine and heat resistant.

 Tip 7 - Use A Wet-Bag

It’s always best to pack a wet costume in a breathable wet-bag for the trip home from the beach or pool, instead of popping it in a plastic bag, which will promote the growth of mildew and a few unpleasant smells. Or alternatively, wrap it in a towel but rinse it off immediately when you get home – don’t forget about it for days!

 Tip 8 - Store In A Fabric Bag

Once completely dry, store the swimsuit flat on its own or in a fabric bag. Make sure it is completely dry before storing in the fabric bag – otherwise it will remain damp and start to get mouldy.

Plastic bags in cupboards are the perfect breeding grounds for mildew and bacteria.


What Not To Do With Your Swimwear

 Soak overnight

 Prolonged contact with water affects the fibres causing the garment to lose its shape.

 Dry in the sun

UV rays will cause colour fade.

 Put it in the dryer

Excessive heat will destroy the elasticity of the swimsuit causing it to shrink and lose its shape.

 Iron it

Never iron swimsuits. Heat will damage the fibres shortening the life span of   the swimsuit.

 Hang to dry

Hanging will cause the fabrics to stretch, causing the garment to lose its shape.

Hopefully these tips on how to care for your swimwear are useful – now it’s time to shop!

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Happy swimming!

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